Friday, 6 November 2009

Where has the time gone!

I can't believe that we're in November already, and the dreaded C word is getting mentioned more often.

I've been keeping myself busy by putting more fabric, magazines and books on eBay. There are some bargains there for all you looking to add to fabric stash etc.

I've also been doing some knitting:-

1. Kim Hargreaves - Heartfelt, The Dark House Collection

Designs so far completed, Bonnie done in Cashsoft 4Ply with a crocheted border and looks really nice. I'll post the photos on shortly!

Also Haven worked in Rowan Cocoon which is so soft and cozy, just nice for the chilly weather coming this way tomorrow...

Is anyone else out there doing some Kim Hargreave designs?

I'll post again tomorrow, hopefully with some photos to show!

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Cheryl said...

Hi, you can link my post to you blog, sure! (I didn't have your email to reply to you directly.)
Cheryl / Muppin


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