Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Draw for Fabric!

The draw master Ginger was the obvious choice in keeping things in-line. On a bright Friday afternoon, beginning in the garden "Draw Master Ginger" decided to take a change of tact!

Moving the draw to the comfort of the hottest place (inside the house), the scorching sun beat down on the south facing windows. As he stretched out to get every part of heat, he then pawed out the paper entries of the draw.

He then made his final decision by nosing and passing whisker to all the entries! ... and the winner is Carol R. I've notified her of the winning entry and comment and will be sending out the fabric tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I've been inspired by what Sarah has done at SEWN. Fabric that's been lurking in the Attic is getting an airing!!

Anyone who comments this post will be entered into a Four Patch Giveaway which I'll draw on Friday... So get commenting, please!

So I'm away to get some cutting done :O)

Stitchminx Xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009
The Only for eBay Sellers

For anyone looking to see what I have in the Attic clear out at the moment, have a peak at what bargains lay ahead!!


This week I've added another favourite of mine, SEWN from Australia. Sarah has put together some great giveaways and writes a most admirable blog. Her travels have seen her far and wide recently and has shown the most beautiful quilt work.

I've a T-shirt makeover to be done and posted on Brassy Apple, so better get busy!

Sew busy.... Jane


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